Slim to None

from by Yours Truly



Do you remember when they told you you can do anything you like? Well you grow up just to find out, that it all was a lie.
So now it's a fight from day to day just to see if it's worth it.
I don't know how, but I'm losing all my friends cause they're sick of my bullshit.
May be the price I pay for never knowing what to say.'
Cause some things are worth the change.
Remind myself it won't happen in a day.

You say that I'm a son of a gun, well that means I've got bullets flowing in my blood.
Russian roulette has never seemed so fun when the hand you're dealt gives you the odds of slim to none.

So now, you think that you can take me and throw me down.
I know you know how,
I've been there, I've seen it, I know what you can do to me.
You never came to help me get me out from where I was.
And now that I'm up above you wanna tell me everything that I could have done.
So don't pretend that you always ran your mouth like you believed in me.

You've got me questioning the reasons that I'm here.
I feel like everything I've done has been a waste this year.
I've got to find a way out. I've got to find a way out.


from Brutally Honest, released November 11, 2014



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Yours Truly Detroit, Michigan

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