from by Yours Truly



Don't wake me up, I'm comatose dreaming.
Don't wake me up cause I, I just fell asleep.

You know how people say, "we all have those nights"?
Well those kind of nights turned into my whole life.
Head down, I faked that smile.
I hid it so well, but the lies always eat away after a while.

Look into my eyes, can you see my light?
Swear it used to be there, now I'm dark as night.
Grab a hold of my heart, squeeze a pulse into my veins.
It doesn't matter anymore, cause it always ends the same.

If I ran a little faster would you be there?
If I screamed a little louder would you stop and stare?
If I stood a little taller would you be fair?
If I changed everything about me, would you finally care?


from Brutally Honest, released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Yours Truly Detroit, Michigan

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