Brutally Honest

by Yours Truly

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released November 11, 2014



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Yours Truly Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Slim to None
Do you remember when they told you you can do anything you like? Well you grow up just to find out, that it all was a lie.
So now it's a fight from day to day just to see if it's worth it.
I don't know how, but I'm losing all my friends cause they're sick of my bullshit.
May be the price I pay for never knowing what to say.'
Cause some things are worth the change.
Remind myself it won't happen in a day.

You say that I'm a son of a gun, well that means I've got bullets flowing in my blood.
Russian roulette has never seemed so fun when the hand you're dealt gives you the odds of slim to none.

So now, you think that you can take me and throw me down.
I know you know how,
I've been there, I've seen it, I know what you can do to me.
You never came to help me get me out from where I was.
And now that I'm up above you wanna tell me everything that I could have done.
So don't pretend that you always ran your mouth like you believed in me.

You've got me questioning the reasons that I'm here.
I feel like everything I've done has been a waste this year.
I've got to find a way out. I've got to find a way out.
Track Name: Remember the Monsters
You see every part of me, even the parts that I was told I should never show. But now there's no holding back.
All it took was a second, a missed interception to change everything we had.
I still remember the look in your eyes, the sound of your lies.
The pit in my stomach and the ache where my heart should be.

Remember, remember the monsters, the ones that I'd save you from.
You go knocking on my door and I come and take care of them.
Remember, remember the monsters, the ones you were most scared of.
Well those kind of monsters turned out to be the ones you love.

Love you know, that I care, but not enough to die.
I've ran you down, I wore you out. I made you sacrifice everything you liked about yourself.
And now our love is gone. You drove the car off the bridge, and hoped that we would drown.

Never forgive, never forget.
Track Name: Perfect for Each Other (feat. Phrayzer)
Oh look your mouth's open again, and this time you're not making any friends.
No late night calls to get you off, in a dark place some would say you're lost.
But the truth is you knew where you were, and just how long it'd take For a second of his smile, with a minute to escape.

Now you know where to go when you're feeling lonely.
Now you know, we know what you're like when the lights are low.

You're perfect for each other, like the moonlight in the day.
Like the kid who swallowed bleach, trying to wash your stains away.
Like a brand new broken record, when all you want is to push play.
Yeah you're perfect for each other, cause no one else would stay.

And it's you, someone I used to call my friend.
You left it all on a lie five months in.
One day you'll see that you messed up, she'll leave you cold just like a filthy, oh.
We'll be the future tellers, screaming loud for all to hear that.

Normally rap, had to go back to this shit get a little away from the whack but it's good to be back.
Feel like I been living all over the map, but there's nothing quite like home, no.
Till I never get a hit on my phone like,
I don't know what I did wrong.
Probably so much that I never know.
But I backtrack and I step back got to look at where I end up,
Like everything that I went through with you in the future, good luck.
Yeah from now on gotta move on it don't matter who what where when what the hell why.
Anyone who said I'm not the best in the world man they flat out lied.
Track Name: Middle of the Fall
I remember when I lost my mind,
I remember when we talked all the time.
Seems the two things like to coincide.
I can't recall ever having you,
I can't recall ever wanting to.
I beat myself up every time I never came through.

So I'll wear my best suit, and you can wear the white dress.
Cause we all know you'll never get that chance again.

I left you in the corner of my mind, you crept your way back in over time.
You left me in the middle of the fall, and now I only question if you ever cared at all.

Can you tell me just how long it's been,
can you tell me if I'm just another one of them?
Like I've said I'm done saying remember when.
Twenty-one and barely breathing,
twenty-one and always leaving.
Eighteen seems so far away from the memories I've been keeping.

So the minutes turn to hours, hours turn to days.
When the days turn to weeks you forget what you need to say.
Before you realize what you're missing it's already too far away.

I'm not asking you to fall apart, but can you show me that it's just as hard?
Track Name: Flames
Broken down and I'm in flames. Tell me now, what would you say?
And when it all comes to an end, will you be there, my long lost friend?

Oh no.
I've got silence and sickness in me, and they're finally letting me breathe.
With one last breath I will say, "I can't wish I can't wish you away".

The say the end is all we know, so when you see it where will you go?
And when the fire falls from the sky, will you run to me and not question why?

Broken down and I'm in flames. Tell me now, what would you say?
So now you finally see what you do to me, if this is what it takes, I'll burn it all away.
And now the flames they engulf me.
Track Name: Kids
As far as lightning goes, it only takes just a second to know where it starts and where it ends.
As far as my time goes, it'll take my whole life to know if I start where I planned, or if it ends before it begins, yeah.

We're all just kids. We're all just kids.

Eighteen just brings the reign, supposed to change within a day, but these laces won't keep me away.
We're all just kids who can't fill the shoes we never wanted to grow into.

As far as the wind blows, it does it and then it goes, just a second to bring the cold, just a second to find its home.
As far as I've seen, the same cannot be said for me. Always second to find my home, first to be left in the cold.

We've got the world, but do we have the time?
You've seen the fall, now get in.
We'll own it all but will it be enough?
Cause we rely on love and trade it in for lust.
We've got the world, but do we have the time?

You've seen the fall, now get in line.
Track Name: Never Be Me
He pulls your hair you grit your teeth, in the back of your mind you know he'll never be me.
Sweat it out try and get rid of my name, cause the pillowcase is the perfect place to scream.

Can he tell you're gone by the way you said his name?
You slurred his and mine, you made us sound the same.
You don't know what you want, but you know it's something.
So close your eyes, I'm here to tell you you've got nothing.

You ran your mouth and other things over him.
I know you'd like me for a night of your sin.
But truth be told I can't stand the sight of your skin.
So now you'll finally see, he'll never be me.

You lost your mind between the sheets, when you look in his eyes you know he'll never be me.
You'd start a war just to show me how you're lost.
I've got my guns out, and they're all loaded and cocked.
You'll always be the first to go.

So tell me do you love the sounds I make, when I'm up against the wall and I can't breath?
If you just took your hands away, my voice would make you feel the same damn thing.
Track Name: Worth It
The days are getting colder in snowy Michigan.
The nights are getting longer, my friend.
But pretty soon we'll reach the top, we'll give it all that we have got, and I know that you'll be there waiting for me.
Just look at how far we've gone, all the friendships that we've lost.
The weight of it all just breaks me down.
Someday I'll be the hero I've always aspired to be.
Will it all be worth it. Will it all be worth it in the end?

Cause I'm stuck I'm stuck, reading the words that I write.
Hoping they can get me through the night.
These songs are all that I have,
So come and help me make it through the night.

Now the days are getting longer, I'm feeling more alive.
The sun will never set tonight.
It's been a couple months since I wasn't sure of what I've done.
And a seed of doubt can grow to take down a city alone.

They say if it's broken let it be.
I'm not one to follow rules, when my heart is telling me.
Track Name: Comatose
Don't wake me up, I'm comatose dreaming.
Don't wake me up cause I, I just fell asleep.

You know how people say, "we all have those nights"?
Well those kind of nights turned into my whole life.
Head down, I faked that smile.
I hid it so well, but the lies always eat away after a while.

Look into my eyes, can you see my light?
Swear it used to be there, now I'm dark as night.
Grab a hold of my heart, squeeze a pulse into my veins.
It doesn't matter anymore, cause it always ends the same.

If I ran a little faster would you be there?
If I screamed a little louder would you stop and stare?
If I stood a little taller would you be fair?
If I changed everything about me, would you finally care?
Track Name: Gray
I saw your face today, and now I'm falling apart, in the same way as when I gave you my heart.
And now, I'll never know you and me, the last time I saw you we were meant to be.

Don't you know that I'd kill to make you stay?
You had it all and you walked away.
Shut it down let it fade to gray.

You said your peace that night, but then it all fell apart.
Save me the trouble, and let's go back to the start.
I don't blame you, God knows life can get rough. I wish I could save you, but that's not the story for us.
Should I lie and say that everything's just fine? Believe me we've all dropped a line.

Don't you know that I'd kill to make you stay?
You had it all and you walked away.
Shut it down let it fade to gray.
Tell me, is it cold in my heart where you lay?
You saw the world in a different way.
Now the colors are gone all I see is gray.

I fade to gray, I fade gray.

I've seen the bottom of you in the depths of me.
And for the last eight months you've said nothing in my dreams.
If I knew why I could finally breathe, but I'm left here struggling.
I am knee deep in a storm of tragedy.
So close to the waves just rushing over me.
I'll never know why so I'll never breathe.
I can't blame you for saving me.

If I'm being honest, well I'm still lost.
You've done what you've done now I'm paying the cost.
If I'm being honest, my God I need you here.
It's a miracle I made it through the year.